Clan Farquharson

Chief of the Clan: Captain Alwyne Farquharson of Invercauld, MC

Clan Farquharson, of Celtic origin, derives from Farquhar, fourth son of Alexander “Ciar” Mackintosh of Rothiemurchus, 5th Chief of Clan Shaw.

A grant of arms made by Lord Lyon in 1697 stated that John Farquharson of Invercauld was lawfully descended of Shaw son of MacDuff, Thane of Fife whose successors had the name Shaw until Farquhar Shaw, son to Shaw of Rothiemerchus, Chief of the whole name came to be called Farquharson.

Thus the Farquharsons branched from Clan Shaw. Farquhar settled in the Braes of Mar and was appointed baillie or chamberlain thereof.

Clan Farquharson, USA

Clan Farquharson, USA was founded in 1977 as The Clan Farquharson Society by John T. Fargason, IV, FSA Scot, (1926-2005).  He was the President and former Lieutenant to the Chief. The society was established with the approval and blessing of the hereditary Chief of the Farquharsons, Captain A.A.C. Farquharson of Invercauld, in response to numerous requests from Farquharsons throughout the country.  Society members have an organization in which to join with others who take pride in Clan Farquharson and desire to preserve and honor their distinguished heritage.

In Memoriam

John T. Fargason, IV, 1926-2005

John T. Fargason, IV, Lieutenant to the Chief of Clan Farquharson, Captain A. C. Farquharson, passed away April 3, 2005. John was a veteran of WWII and Korea. John was a dedicated bagpipe player and was Pipe Major of the Litchfield Hills Connecticut Pipes and Drums. In 1977 he founded the Clan Farquharson Society and served as President for 17 years.

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